CEF Grassroots Campaign


Sequestration and You: What This Means for You, Your Family and Your Community



On behalf of the Committee for Education Funding (CEF), a coalition of almost 100 education advocacy groups, we are pleased to share the attached grassroots action packet. This is designed to help you in reaching out to your Members of Congress over the next several weeks and demand that they take action to stop sequestration


Advocacy Tools


Grassroots Cover Page


CEF fact sheet 


Background Brief – Super Committee Inaction Triggers Sequestration

Super Committee’s failure to meet its Congressional charge


Letter to the Editor Instructions for Writing and Submission

Memo on Sequestration, prepared by Rich Williams, U.S. PIRG


Sample Organizational Action Alert

Sequestration: Should it stay or should it go?


Disastrous Impact of Sequestration on Education

NEA’s charts on the affects of Sequestration on Education

(State by State Figures from NEA)


We must avoid sequestration: Savage cuts in education funding would cripple our schools

Sample op-ed letter


AASA Sequestration Webinar Presentation and Recording

A recorded webinar AASA did on sequestration


Grassroots Toolkit

NDD’s grassroots toolkit

When Our Students Succeed, Our Nation Succeeds.

Founded in 1969, the Committee for Education Funding (CEF) and its 117 member organizations have worked toward the common goal of achieving adequate federal support for our nation's education system. Nonpartisan and nonprofit, CEF is America's largest education coalition, reflecting the broad spectrum of the education community.