Foundation for Education Investment

Founded in 2005 as a sister organization to the Committee for Education Funding (CEF), the Foundation for Education Investment (FEI) works to conduct research and promote public awareness about the Federal government’s investment in education and the value of that investment to individuals, communities, our nation and the world.

What is the structure of FEI?

FEI is controlled by a Board of Directors that manages the affairs and property of the Foundation. The Board of Directors of the Foundation consists of nine voting members: the three current officers (President, Vice-President and Treasurer) of the Committee for Education Funding, and six members nominated and elected by the Board of Directors. The CEF Executive Director will sit ex officio.

What is the purpose of FEI?

The purpose of FEI is to conduct and cooperate in research projects intended to further the purposes of the Committee for Education Funding. FEI is also charged with developing, publishing and disseminating this information to the general public through publications, conferences and seminars relating to the purposes of CEF.

When Our Students Succeed, Our Nation Succeeds.

Founded in 1969, the Committee for Education Funding (CEF) and its 117 member organizations have worked toward the common goal of achieving adequate federal support for our nation's education system. Nonpartisan and nonprofit, CEF is America's largest education coalition, reflecting the broad spectrum of the education community.