Budget Responses

CEF’s annual Education Budget Response is the most comprehensive source available on how vital federal education programs improve the lives of millions of Americans.

The Budget Response is a useful source for information on federal education programs, but there are resources even more valuable: the authors and contacts listed within, who invite you to find out more about the programs described here and the lives of the people these programs touch.


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Initial Summary of Education Provisions in the President’s FY 2013 Budget, click here

Federal Budget Timeline

  • May: Federal agencies ( i.e. Department of Education) begin developing their budgets for the following fiscal year (this is 1-1/2 years before the fiscal year begins.)
  • September: Agencies submit requests to Office of Management & Budget
  • October/November: OMB examiners review agencies’ budget requests
  • November: OMB passes back agencies’ budget requests with revisions
  • December: Final economic assumptions released to agencies; Agencies appeal OMB’s decisions; Final Presidential decisions
  • January: President’s Budget Request drafted; All budget documents approved and printed
  • February: Transmittal of President’s budget request to Congress
  • By April 15: Congress should pass budget resolution
  • By May 15: House can begin passing appropriations even if there is not a budget resolution
  • By June 30: House should adopt all of its appropriations bills
  • July-September: Senate scheduled to pass appropriations bills
  • September: House & Senate pass appropriations conference reports / President signs appropriations bills
  • October 1: New fiscal year begins

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