Tell Eric Cantor: No more cuts! Unless Congress acts, on January 2, 2013, education funding in Virginia will be slashed by $75 Million, the largest education cuts ever! Services to 138,350 students will be cut and 1,517 educator jobs will be lost.

Virginia’s students, educators, schools and colleges are already coping with layoffs, larger class sizes, narrowing of the curriculum, elimination of after-school programs, and rising tuition.

Yet, the need to increase the federal investment in education has never been greater. Jobs and the economy are directly linked to such investments. Both unemployment rates and lifetime earnings are based on levels of education attainment.

Both K-12 and higher education programs have already suffered significant harmful cuts at the federal level. And now we face the biggest threat ever! It is time to tell our elected officials no more cuts! Instead, Congress should be investing in education to help students succeed and increase high school graduation, college attendance and completions rates and insure our country’s next generation is well prepared to enter the workforce.

We urge you to say “NO” to sacrificing the future of our students. Our children deserve to have their potential and our nation’s future strengthened, not eliminated!

Sign here to tell Eric Cantor to stop the largest education cuts ever!

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When Our Students Succeed, Our Nation Succeeds.

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